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Let's Walk 'n' Talk - Episode 9 - Principles for a Better Culture & Healthier Business

29 April, 2021 / by Sean Bonnes

Companies that are consistently successful over the long term have similar things in common.

One thing that sets them apart from the mediocre is that they all pay attention to the so-called triple bottom line, not simply to the traditional profitability bottom line.

Successful companies pay close attention to the other two, firstly Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty and also equally important, Employee Satisfaction & Engagement.

Join me to consider some tools I have found to be very useful during my journey in business.

Let's Walk 'n' Talk - Episode 8 - Finance for Non-Finance Managers

28 April, 2021 / by Sean Bonnes

How do you get your non-finance managers to understand your business?

One really effective way is to let them experiment with reality, without damaging the business.

This is easily done through Business Simulations,usually working in groups or teams.

Business simulations assist with systems thinking, helping people to understand the big picture while playing with different value drivers, or levers that affect business 

Please listen to this episode of Walk & Talk where I share my experience working with Celemi's Apples & Oranges which is available as a physical board "game" or using an online virtual tool.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss any of these ideas or explore whether they could work in your organisation.

Let's Walk 'n' Talk - Episode 7 - Team Effectiveness / Enablement

26 May, 2020 / by Sean Bonnes

Your people working together effectively in teams is your number one competitive advantage. There is no magic recipe, no silver bullet at it were. We are simply all too quirky, full of foibles and imperfections which makes great teamwork elusive.

We have all, however, witnessed great teamwork at different points of our lives, at work or at play. So what is it then that makes effective teamwork possible.

I have seen first-hand how applying the principles from Patrick Lencioni's book, "The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team" has opened the eyes of team members and their leaders at all levels in organizations and enabled them to be way more effective.

Once a diagnosis is completed on your team, applying and learning a few uncomplicated behaviors will help the team to address any dysfunctions that are holding them back from achieving way more than the sum of the individual members of the team.

If you'd like to enable your team to be more effective, please don't hesitate to reach out to me — I'd be delighted to offer my assistance.