We aim to help your organisation to business success through enabling your leaders, teams and talent

Our Services

Bespoke Learning Solutions to Enable Your People

Organizational & Culture Development

We are experienced at assisting organizations with Strategic Development, Culture Development and Change, Performance Improvement and Employee Engagement.

  • Leading Change Management
  • Pitstop – Slow Down to Speed Up
  • Vision and Values Workshop
  • Bespoke Talent Management Program
  • Psychological Survival Toolkit for all employees’ well-being

Leadership Development

We provide bespoke learning solutions for first line managers or senior executives. We bring current state of the art knowledge and theory about leading people into these programs.

  • New Leader Development
  • Interview Skills Development
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • EQ and Situational Leadership
  • Executive Performance Coaching
  • Effective Meetings
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Team Enablement

Our positive and appreciative approach to team development creates immediate improvements and long-term benefits. We can help with performance, motivation and relationship issues

  • Time & Email Management
  • Team Performance Workshop
  • Innovation Workshop
  • DISC Training and profiles
  • Exhibition Training
  • Sales Training (Direct B2B Sales & Telephone Sales)
  • Business Finance for Everyone

Individual Development

With performance based coaching at the core, we are skilled at working with individuals on business, personal and wellness issues to realise their strengths and release their potential

  • Performance Coaching
  • Facilitation Skills / Train the Trainer
  • Presentation Skills
  • Talent Management Programs
  • Psychological Survival Toolkit for wellness

Learning Methodologies

We aim to enable your people and help you drive business performance in addition to skills development

We use agile learning methodologies that focus on speed, flexibility and collaboration

Our learning and development solutions are developed in bite-sized, digestible units

Delivered face-to-face and virtually using the best of digital learning

Underpinned by learning in context and learning in flow

Sean Bonnes Team Leadership Trainer

Sean's Bio

SEAN BONNES is a seasoned business professional with more than 25 years experience in Project Management, Sales, Marketing, Leadership and Learning & Development (L&D) roles. Eighteen years experience at the "sharp end" in business has brought him absolute clarity as to what adds value in terms of people and organisational development efforts and investment.

Sean is a Change Management & Culture Development Expert with a proven track record of moving leaders and their teams to disciplined action through change on a global level while reinforcing the Enterprise's culture.

He is also a certified Executive Coach to CEO level and has experience within global businesses across country, cultural and language divides in helping teams and their leaders to grow personally and professionally.

Sean is an experienced and powerful Facilitator, Presenter and Trainer with a passion for people development.

His last corporate role before establishing Peregrine Consulting was Vice President and Head of Global Training and Learning at the Hilti Corporation which included leading a team with global responsibility for world class Leadership, Talent Development, Sales and Marketing Programs, also with HQ responsibility for "soft" skills training and development.

Having worked with businessmen and women on the ground in more than 30 different countries during his career, Sean has a truly global perspective and extreme sensitivity and appreciation of individual cultures.

Our clients' satisfaction is very important to us

What Our Clients Say

We are proud of the feedback we've received over the years from satisfied and happy customers. Thank you for your comments...

Driving Culture Change & Team Development

I have worked with Sean on driving culture change and Team development. His Expertise and Commitment benefits everyone working with him and he sets an example for all his colleagues and customers. Sean stays the course, welcoming challenges with high energy and a great sense of humour. You can rely on Sean to deliver to the highest Standard.

— Trevor Stewart, Founder Member
CCG Cooperative Change Group eG

Best investment

Sean managed to truly engage the WRF team, which is for a topic as “dry” as the Log Frame matrix an amazing achievement. He did so by inviting them to play, involving them, listening to them, and together building new skills. It was great fun, the lessons learnt priceless, best investment in enhancing our team capabilities so far. And on top of that he is a real nice guy, I wish he lived closer so we could have some occasional beers together! Highly recommended!

— Bas de Leeuw, Managing Director
World Resources Forum (NGO)

Our Vision Came to Life

Sean and I worked together a number of years ago when we wanted to evoke change in the Leadership Team at the time. Sean came highly recommended and lived up to all I had heard of him. We started by establishing a common vision and ran a "creating a vision" workshop which resulted in a definition we all agreed upon. We later communicated this to the entire faculty and found that the vision resonated with them as much as it had with the Leadership Team.  Sean then began working with 100 employees in small groups and the vision started spreading and coming to life. The work we did together was powerful and managed to refocus a large staff on what was important to all of us at the time. I can highly recommend Sean as a coach and in helping transform a vision from words on a poster to becoming lived by all in an organization

— Viki Stiebert, Director
International School of Bergen

A valuable learning experience

In the past few years, the Ivoclar Vivadent IT department has undergone enormous changes that have impacted the way we work. We have moved from a system based on local engineers to a “follow-the-sun” concept with virtual, geographically dispersed teams around the globe. However, the virtual and remote collaboration of people from different cultures and across time zones doesn’t come without challenges. Mr Bonnes’ expertise and knowledge in this field has contributed to further develop the team spirit and build trust among our international, virtual team of IT engineers. He expertly conducted an outstanding workshop and delivered a valuable learning experience for all of us.

— Ramon Donis, Head IT Infrastructure
Ivoclar Vivadent AG

A Person You Can Rely on

It was a great experience for me to work with Sean for more than 7 years. He has sound understanding of business and people paired with strong solution driven mind-set. His way of clear communication and value adding feedback supported me and our team strongly during several international firestop academies we did together. I highly appreciated his Sherpa role during our team building trainings over 2 years. His integrity and his huge courage make him the person you can rely on.

— Michael Leitner, Senior Director R&D
CPG Europe

Internationally experienced

We sought an internationally experienced and proven sales professional with expertise in the high-end, capital goods sector for our annual re-seller sales meeting. Eighty participants from more than 30 different countries attended and Sean Bonnes was able to effectively combine sales theory with our specific market in an exciting and compelling way. He expertly facilitated the group work that revealed some valuable key learnings.

— Oliver Zünd, CEO
Zünd Systemtechnik AG

Recruiting far more professionally

It was after we consulted with Mr Bonnes that it became clear that our greatest and most urgent issue was selecting the best people for open positions within our fast growing, medium-sized energy business. Mr Bonnes quickly designed and delivered a hands-on Interviewing & Recruitment workshop to the recruiting managers. As a result they are now interviewing far more professionally and we have recently recruited motivated and high calibre candidates who fit the job profiles and company culture significantly better than before. We look forward to working with Peregrine Consulting and in particular Mr Bonnes to bring our business forward in the future.

— Michael Grabherr, CEO
Mons Holdings AG

A measurable improvement

A quick grasp of my business and great understanding of my people combined with an ability to zero in on the critical issues, meant that Sean was able to develop and deliver bespoke workshops to my Development, Supply Chain and Leadership teams that led to a measurable improvement in employee and customer satisfaction.

— Executive VP and BU Head
Hilti Corporation
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Peregrine Consulting Blog by Sean Bonnes


Walk 'n' Talk with Sean

Let's Walk 'n' Talk - Episode 9 - Principles for a Better Culture & Healthier Business

29 April, 2021 / by Sean Bonnes

Companies that are consistently successful over the long term have similar things in common.

One thing that sets them apart from the mediocre is that they all pay attention to the so-called triple bottom line, not simply to the traditional profitability bottom line.

Successful companies pay close attention to the other two, firstly Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty and also equally important, Employee Satisfaction & Engagement.

Join me to consider some tools I have found to be very useful during my journey in business.

Let's Walk 'n' Talk - Episode 8 - Finance for Non-Finance Managers

28 April, 2021 / by Sean Bonnes

How do you get your non-finance managers to understand your business?

One really effective way is to let them experiment with reality, without damaging the business.

This is easily done through Business Simulations,usually working in groups or teams.

Business simulations assist with systems thinking, helping people to understand the big picture while playing with different value drivers, or levers that affect business 

Please listen to this episode of Walk & Talk where I share my experience working with Celemi's Apples & Oranges which is available as a physical board "game" or using an online virtual tool.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss any of these ideas or explore whether they could work in your organisation.

Let's Walk 'n' Talk - Episode 7 - Team Effectiveness / Enablement

26 May, 2020 / by Sean Bonnes

Your people working together effectively in teams is your number one competitive advantage. There is no magic recipe, no silver bullet at it were. We are simply all too quirky, full of foibles and imperfections which makes great teamwork elusive.

We have all, however, witnessed great teamwork at different points of our lives, at work or at play. So what is it then that makes effective teamwork possible.

I have seen first-hand how applying the principles from Patrick Lencioni's book, "The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team" has opened the eyes of team members and their leaders at all levels in organizations and enabled them to be way more effective.

Once a diagnosis is completed on your team, applying and learning a few uncomplicated behaviors will help the team to address any dysfunctions that are holding them back from achieving way more than the sum of the individual members of the team.

If you'd like to enable your team to be more effective, please don't hesitate to reach out to me — I'd be delighted to offer my assistance.