Let's Walk 'n' Talk - Episode 6 - Conflict Management

25 May, 2020 / by Sean Bonnes

Conflict is part of our lives each day. Situations will arise where someone else's concerns will be different to ours. We are not speaking here about something dangerous and destructive, rather differences of opinions that can be handled constructively to achieve an outcome that is good for all parties. Some are better than others at handling conflict.

Rather than falling into our habitual way of dealing with conflict, having time to think, and then choosing a conflict mode that suits the situation and the other person’s style, is a massive help in arriving at a better, more productive and constructive outcome.

Knowing that you have choices in a conflict, and then exercising the right choice, enable you to take control in a conflict situation, to everyone's advantage. It may sound like a cliche, but win-win is usually the best outcome.

Please feel free to reach out to me should. you wish to discuss this interesting topic and share experiences and tools that have helped you or could help you.