Let's Walk 'n' Talk - Episode 4 - Recruitment/CARD

15 January, 2020 / by Sean Bonnes

As a successful leader, you bring enormous value to your organization by recruiting and developing new people in your team. This is a weighty responsibility, not to be taken lightly and we cannot afford to rely on a "belly feeling" in our selection process as once may have been common.

The recruitment area is also sensitive in terms of discrimination and processes are required to remove bias. During the recruitment process we need to establish which candidate is the best cultural and competence fit for the organization and role and cannot afford to compromise. Mistakes can be extremely costly and are often way in excess of the budgeted annual salary for the open position, not to mention other collateral damage.

As a new or experienced leader, being trained in effective recruiting is not an option. If you would like more information I would be delighted to hear from you and would welcome the opportunity to assist you and your fellow leaders in supporting your organizations efforts to attract and retain great talent.