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A valuable learning experience

In the past few years, the Ivoclar Vivadent IT department has undergone enormous changes that have impacted the way we work. We have moved from a system based on local engineers to a “follow-the-sun” concept with virtual, geographically dispersed teams around the globe. However, the virtual and remote collaboration of people from different cultures and across time zones doesn’t come without challenges. Mr Bonnes’ expertise and knowledge in this field has contributed to further develop the team spirit and build trust among our international, virtual team of IT engineers. He expertly conducted an outstanding workshop and delivered a valuable learning experience for all of us.

— Ramon Donis, Head IT Infrastructure
Ivoclar Vivadent AG

Best investment

Sean managed to truly engage the team, which is for a topic as “dry” as the Log Frame matrix is an amazing achievement. He did so by inviting them to play, involving them, listening to them, and together building new skills. It was great fun, the lessons learnt priceless, best investment in enhancing our team capabilities so far.

— Bas de Leeuw, Managing Director
World Resources Forum

Internationally experienced

We sought an internationally experienced and proven sales professional with expertise in the high-end, capital goods sector for our annual re-seller sales meeting. Eighty participants from more than 30 different countries attended and Sean Bonnes was able to effectively combine sales theory with our specific market in an exciting and compelling way. He expertly facilitated the group work that revealed some valuable key learnings.

— Oliver Zünd, CEO
Zünd Systemtechnik AG

We are now interviewing far more professionally

It was after we consulted with Mr Bonnes that it became clear that our greatest and most urgent issue was selecting the best people for open positions within our fast growing, medium-sized energy business. Mr Bonnes quickly designed and delivered a hands-on Interviewing & Recruitment workshop to the recruiting managers. As a result they are now interviewing far more professionally and we have recently recruited motivated and high calibre candidates who fit the job profiles and company culture significantly better than before. We look forward to working with Peregrine Consulting and in particular Mr Bonnes to bring our business forward in the future.

— Michael Grabherr, CEO
Mons Holdings AG


With regards to facilitation, presentation and teaching skills Sean stands out from his peers as exceptional. He quickly gets to grips with what is required by a group and using an impressive number of learning aids and tools moves them at their own speed through self-reflection to an improved and more effective state.

— Partner
Company Culture Consultants

A measurable improvement

A quick grasp of my business and great understanding of my people combined with an ability to zero in on the critical issues, meant that Sean was able to develop and deliver bespoke workshops to my Development, Supply Chain and Leadership teams that led to a measurable improvement in employee and customer satisfaction.

— Executive VP and BU Head
Hilti Corporation