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The Story of the Peregrine Falcon
This noble bird has a rich, three thousand year history within falconry. The Peregrine falcon is renowned for its speed and is the fastest member of the animal kingdom having been recorded at 389km/hr in a stoop or dive. Weighing in at an average of under 1 kilogram, it has in a stoop killed a Crane more than three times its own weight! No wonder then, it has been referred to as "Nature's Top Gun".  "A royal bird, more armed by its courage than its claws", is a most fitting description... 

Peregrine Consulting aspires to bring rich experience, outstanding speed and
effectiveness to you in the area of people and culture development, driving
your business to better performance.

                                                                                      Founder with Peregrine Falcon, Malbun 2012
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